Custom Tile

Making tile drives me creatively to make long-lasting installations that will be admired for generations to come. I use three distinct methods to create tile. The first method I have developed over the past 10 years, and I describe as having "stained glass characteristics". The tiles are free formed and fit together like a puzzle. This is my preferred making method, and I can reproduce almost any request. Another method I have perfected is by implementing hand cast plaster molds to replicate the same tile over and again. These tiles can be blank field tiles, or extremely detailed with textured relief. This tile can be ordered by the square foot and glazed in the color of choice. The most recent method I have been perfecting is an old-world style called Cuerda Seca or "dry cord". It uses a black wax resist to separate the different glaze colors while firing. The results are vivid, and the possibilities are endless. Please schedule a consultation to discuss your tile project and to view the sample boards and color options. No project is too big or too small...I love to create custom requests!